Organic Veggie Seeds! Spring Is Coming!

Organic Veggie Seeds! Spring Is Coming!

Dark Green mint seedlings.

Q: What did the Organic Heirloom Tomato Farmer say to the Organic Heirloom Tomato?

A: Seed ya' later!

(Take that joke to the bank because it's SOLID GOLD!)

     The warmer weather can't come soon enough and with it comes Old Farm's favourite time of year, gardening season!

     With roller skates selling out across the board this past summer and bike trainers becoming a hot commodity in the fall we figure this winter we had better get a jump on the next big hobby; Organic Vegetable Gardening!

     Old Farm Fine Foods is excited to announce that the first big batch of organic seeds have arrived and are available for purchase! 

     Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for albums of all our available seed varieties and frequent updates on what's coming in!

     It seems like more and more are coming to the shop every week so come down to 204 Barrie St Kingston and see what your garden needs!

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