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Let's Talk About Cheese, Baby!

Let's talk about you and cheese, let's talk about all the good cheese, and no bad cheese, Let's talk about CHEESE!   What better way to fight off the winter blahs than with a charcuterie board! Fine cured meats, delicious soft and hard cheese, fruit, veg, nuts and don't forget the honeycomb!    Treat yourself and your loved ones and don't let the cold weather get you down!   And even if that special someone is you EVEN BETTER! More to enjoy!      What are some of YOUR favourite things to throw on a cheese board? Figs? Chocolate? What are we missing?   No matter the season you don't need a reason to enjoy some fine cheesin'!  Stay Warm,...

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Q: What's A Ghost's Favourite Fall Food?

A: Sooooooooooooooooup! (Get It?) Happy Halloween Old Farmers,      When we start feeling the chill in the air that must mean that harvest time is upon us and what a great time of year it is!      Find out what tantalizing local treasures are in season and try some out before the winter comes. Tomatoes, Greens and Peppers may be winding down but Apples, Squash, Pumpkins and other fun root veggies are in full swing.       As much as we love the summertime there's something that can be said about soup and sweater season; that something is that it's amazing!      Dust off your food processors and canning kits and get cooking fellow Old Farmers. Our...

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